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Boymate10 Brain Card Game : White Paper

Güncelleme tarihi: 24 Nis 2021

Boymate10 game is a brain card game. It is a suggestive strategy game as well as fun and exciting features. You can find the possibility to beat the computer with artificial intelligence by establishing strategies in the game, which was discovered as the specialization. In the journey between numbers, a very different thinking discipline is obtained with experience. You will now be able to look at the numbers very differently and you will not be able to leave this game, which has an indispensable effect. I would like to put an end to the therapeutic aspect of the game with the promise of working iron shines. Indeed, with the mental exercise you will notice closely, you will have a shining mind. In the game, there are 52 cards in total, 13 of which are composed of 4 shapes and 4 colors associated with it. And by adding two cards named boymate10, which gave its name to two games, a game system was created with a total of 54 cards. Although the game's scoring system is similar to the number written on it, there are several special scoring systems. The basic rule of the game is to add the numbers of the same color and shape. The first rule of thumb of the game is that when two or three cards of the same shape and color have a total of 10, the equivalent of this is calculated as 50 Points by adding 40 bonus Points. And the strategy of the game is to combine the numbers less than 10 and create this bonus to get 40 points. Thus, more points will be obtained and a chance to win the hand will be provided at any time. The value of the other boymate10 (joker) card is alone when it is 10 points, it combines with the other 2 cards and completes the score to 50. The score of the other big card is added to it and the hand score is found.

After calculating the hand score of each card in hand, he gets 50 Points, which have extra hand points, the extra winning hand point each time he wins for 8 hands. Then, after the cards are over, the 9th hand is a surprise and the winning hand score is 150. It has the last hand determining feature that those who want to set a big record need luck. The strategy of the game is created by trying to leave large numbers to the future hands. And we try to get the hand point we can earn the most. Here, boymate10 has different combination scoring with cards. Attention should be paid while creating the strategy in this scoring waiting to be discovered. The most important feature of Boymate10 is that even a 7-year-old child can beat the computer amusingly by throwing cards of the same color and finding the total number of 10 without knowing this system; It is a good player who specializes in trying to keep the cards in mind and provide the pleasure of guessing the hand of the computer and trying to beat him. It is a very easy-to-understand aspect and game flow. It is a unique feature of its direction that contains deep strategies that require serious thinking, which makes it possible from all games. Everyone of all ages can find what they are looking for in the game. It is up to you to discover. Stay with love,


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