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Boymate10 Brain Card Games : How It Was Created.

Güncelleme tarihi: 24 Nis 2021

Hello, let's first look at the history of the Boymate10 creator, let's listen to it all in their own language. As a child who hasn't started school age, I had an extraordinary interest in mathematics. This lasted my whole life. I was always looking for something in mathematics and when I heard Plato's thesis about the numbers, Pythagoras; I said these are the things I seek and believe in accuracy: The universe is created from numbers, the secret of the universe is mathematics. As you noticed, when we included philosophy and sine qua non science, the field was growing and then I encountered a system extending to the branches of interest such as numerology. It was actually numbers and their world that was accepted as the philosophy stone, which is below everything. When I learned that some things should not be said in letters, and teaching these things that should be learned through numbers in a free and independent way has led me to learn this system. When we look at the sky, we cannot see the space, while at night the situation is a little different. The system of numbers is also like this in our lives. Yes, the best and necessary system to understand and learn the stars is the numbers. Life is like flowing water on a road created with numbers. Let's end the philosophy side by saying life is water stop.And my interest in numbers led me to become a computer engineer, as you might think. There were things I wanted to do for a long time about mobile software developing in recent years. I couldn't start because of different difficulties. However, the following conclusion came from the information I obtained. Everyone agreed that we should know the world of mobile by saying that make an application for testing purposes. I wanted to make a lasting universal and meaningful application after long researches in many fields. The conditions were saying. It should be a new idea, and this idea should be protected, and its economic side should not be forgotten, it should be a useful and fun thing that can be developed. In the years when I researched the mobile world, I saw that the gaming side had a great economic share and it was the fastest and safest way to get to know the mobile world. The segment that the game called after must have been wide. He should not have made distinctions such as age and sex. In this area, I saw that card games are the most suitable for both production and playing. I knew a lot of card games, although it was fun and enjoyable, I didn't think it had many benefits. Because there was a lot I wanted to share with the universe. And I thought of blending a special teaching I learned with the mathematical system and making it a game. My first choice was playing card games and I named this system the bar10n game. Afterwards, I changed the design of the cards and created the Boymate10 game as a product of a new brand and labor, considering that it is more suitable for children for cultural and religious reasons. My goal is to combine this kind of digital systems with other projects in Boymate10 and make the young people benefit more. Boymate10 game is a mind card game, but it has some mysterious aspects waiting to be discovered, I don't want to interfere with it too much but I must say it is discovered with real and truth numbers. Welcome to the world of Boymate10.

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