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Boymate10 Brain Card Games : Scoring System and Game Flow

Güncelleme tarihi: 24 Nis 2021


Boymate10 already has the mathematical mystery of the game and the numerological secrets waiting to be discovered, as well as the nature of numbers as everyone knows, the creation of the universe above intelligence. The aspect that is not known to the public and not so looked after has made it hidden. I compare math to the sun; It takes its place as the basic structure in the creation of all information such as rays. Well Boymate10 uses which math. The number 10 in mathematics always symbolized a holy leader who started a new age. When we look at it, it is composed of the number 1, which comes after 10 and the first number, and 1, which symbolizes leadership, and explained a new formation. Boymate10 drew attention to card games in a mathematical direction that could better develop such numerical intelligence. 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. And it symbolizes perfection (referred to as the perfect number in mathematics). 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 and + 5 + 6 + 7 and + 8 + 9 + (10) = 55. The second perfect number is 28, with the consecutive sum up to 7. Yes, they were specifically researched and based on when creating the game system and stream. The number of games to be distributed to 3 sides and 6 cards in total will be 10-1 = 9 hands, and the parties will be given a total of 28-1 = 27 cards, ie a total of 1+ .. + 10 = 55-1 = 54 cards. This 1,3,6,9 system I called this Tesla System. And there are 13 numbers in the scoring system of 1..9, 10, 20, 30, 40, we found 15 numbers by adding 50 and 100, there will be 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 points system and the probability of getting these points is incredible. 50 points will be to find a balance. Examples Herzegovina; BOYMATE10 (JOKER), which gives 50 points when used alone as a complement, instead of 50 points that will be obtained by the sum of the two numbers being 10 and 100 points replacing the number 10, and 10 which mysteriously completes it, will add color to the game. Yes, the use of the sequential addition system of numbers used by Pythagoras at the birth of mathematics uniquely enriched the game of perfect numerical balance Boymate10. Those who have traveled and specialized in a certain way in the game are alone when exploring the game's subtleties, thinking alone about the possibilities, and hearing the music of the universe playing like a note. Why am I saying this? The energy I discovered while playing and playing causes a spiritual formation. And it has therapeutic properties such as regulating emotions and thinking healthy. My friend, who has the risk of one-to-one Alzheimer and who constantly solves puzzles to prevent this, plays this game instead of puzzles to get rid of the trouble at any time of the day. And yes, this has worked very well now, a happy and well-informed individual who has not lost his decision-making ability. Yes, this big plus I have observed proved once again that it is true that the game should be developed in order to be a universal value rather than an economic concern. My work has changed to increase these systems and when I realized that these are very important for young children, I created a new venture area with a separate name. With this scoring system, Boymate10 contains the infrastructure of the first and only but many systems to be derived. Although it is difficult to turn it into a better one, it requires good work, not an impossible one. And we grow our team and work for it. As you discover the game, you will encounter an incredible harmony and surprise artificial intelligence that will show you that there is no coincidence. What are you waiting for?

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